Creation 2016

A peaceful space in a town centre whose silence contrasts with the surrounding urban noise.
A flat space, in contradiction to the tall buildings and structures around it.
A meeting place, enticing people away from the adjacent activity and movement.
A space whose tarmacked surface symbolises the separation of earth from sky.

A space large enough to host the company’s scenography at its heart, allowing an unhindered view to the crowd of between 800 and 1500 people.

“Living very much in the moment, they maintain their innocence. They are rootless, having no attachment to the terrestrial world. In this current time of conflict between the law of blood and the law of land, they are free from any rules, able to bring us new perspectives on territory.

They play, they juggle, they rejoice, in time, matter and space. Moments of falling and flying intermingle with moments of vertiginous effort and sudden immobility.

In this frantic chase they work as closely as the fingers of a single hand, engaged in a constant reconfiguration of the heart. They climb, they fall, they are afraid, they surprise each other, they linger in moments of suspended activity.

They have to maximise their physical skills to be able to sustain and reinvigorate this journey’s direction; each performer at once shares in and feeds into the others’ magnificence. At times conflict and rifts take centre stage. Then, emptied of their divinity, they are reduced to their temporal and physical essence. They can possess only that which they renounce”.

These performers, authors of their own creativity, are steeped in a world of physicality, of dance and dalliance with gravity. Through the links that bind them, we look beyond their individual differences to try to glimpse mutual points of convergence.

The creative process of Gravity.0 involves a new format for the company: a piece made specifically for an audience of between 800 and 1500 people. This artistic challenge involves exploring with the audience the dynamics existing between indifference and sensitivity, the intimate and the spectacular, and leads us to question the nature of place itself, and our possibilities for co-existence.


Conception et chorégraphie : Yann Lheureux
Interprétation : Jonathan Bou, Maxime Cozic, Damien Droin, Yotam Peled et Eliott Pineau Orcier
Création sonore : Arnaud Bertrand
Création lumière : Maurice Fouilhé
Création scénographique : Emmanuelle Debeuscher

Production and support

Le Cratère, Scène nationale d’Alès / Lieux publics, Marseille / Espace Germinal / Scènes de l’Est Valdoisien, Fosses / La Verrerie d’Alès, Pôle National Cirque Occitanie Remerciements : Le Chai du Terral, Saint-Jean de Védas. Avec le soutien de Montpellier Danse Agora, Cité internationale de la danse / Arts Fabrik, Combaillaux / Balthazar Centre des arts du cirque, Montpellier / Le Citron Jaune, Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône et La Grainerie, Toulouse.